March 2013

posted 3 Mar 2013, 03:53 by Bob Brace   [ updated 3 Mar 2013, 03:54 ]

Within the last few days we have seen a spate of ‘spare wheel’ thefts, from beneath vehicles across Dacorum.

The vehicles targeted are usually the larger types of cars, vans and people carriers. Many of the newer designs only rely on a wire retaining strap and this is easily cut to release the wheel.

These spare wheels cost a considerable amount of money to replace. Do consider adding an extra high-security ‘cable’ type lock to your vehicle’s spare wheel, looping this cable through the chassis. Try to park in a position where it is difficult for a thief to get to the spare wheel area.

If you see anyone appearing to interfere with a vehicle during the hours of darkness please phone the Police using the 999 system. Do not approach suspects but note descriptions and vehicle details.

Please pass this information to family, friends and neighbours especially those who may own or use this type of vehicle.

If you need to reply by email click on my address here: Andy Reynolds

Andy Reynolds
Watch Liaison Officer
Neighbourhood Watch
Email: Andy Reynolds