Within the last few days there have been several incidents of cold callers threatening residents, in the Three Rivers area, when they declined to buy good at the door. These callers may well try to ply their trade in other areas of Hertfordshire such as Watford and Dacorum. 

The callers state they have recently left prison and often say they are working with the Probation Service. Both statements are false, they are used to gain sympathy as they are trying to sell inferior goods at inflated prices. Elderly/vulnerable residents are often targeted.

Police advice is to never deal with 'cold callers'. If they do call and make any threats call the Police immediately using the 999 system.

Do not engage in conversation with them and just state that you do not buy at the door or deal with cold callers.

If you need to reply by email click on my address here: andy.reynolds@herts.pnn.police.uk

Andy Reynolds
Watch Liaison Officer
Neighbourhood Watch