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Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch has now been taken over online by the Dacorum department responsible.   Apply online to Neighbourhood Watch if you wish to receive regular updates by e-mail.

December 2015
A warning has been issued about cheap imported hover boards which are sub-standard and have electrical safety issues.  These boards have found their way in Hertfordshire shops whence most of them have been seized by the authorities.   Their plugs do not conform with the safety requirements and the chargers and batteries can explode and catch fire.    If you wish to buy a hover board, be very careful about choosing a reputable source, and remember that their use is illegal in any public place, road, or pavement.

November 2015  
Re: scams:  Penny reports that she received a phone call purporting to be from her landline provider, and enquiring about nuisance calls.  They told her that she would need to re-register with the TPS in order to stop these calls.  She asked how she should know if the caller was genuine.  The caller appeared to know all about her and how she paid her bills - then asked her to confirm her debit card number.  At this, of course, she knew it was a scam and said that she never gave these details, whereupon the caller rang off.   Beware - they have ever more plausible stories!

October 2015
We are advised that several arrests have been made in respect of telephone courier scams, however we are reminded again that we should never ever give bank or personal details to cold callers.  Banks and police would never ask for such information and would never send a courier to your house to collect anything.  Have nothing to do with these calls - simply terminate the call straight away.  No need to speak.

July 2015
The constabulary are pleased to tell  us that arrests have been made in relation to recent thefts from cars in the area.

We are reminded to beware of all kinds of telephone scams and never, ever give your bank or personal details to anyone who telephones, no matter who they claim to be or how persuasive they are.

February 2015
The latest in telephone scams:  Someone will ring you, posing as a representative of the telephone preference service.  They say that your registration is out of date and should be renewed.  They then attempt to charge you for this service.  You should terminate the call immediately.  The TPS do not charge for the service and they will never telephone you themselves.

January 2015
Not only are mobile phones and other devices valuable in themselves, but many of them also contain valuable data, including personal information.  As a result, they can be a very tempting target for thieves.  
Many mobile devices now have tracking and other security features available.  These apps make it possible to locate and recover lost or stolen devices using a GPS signal, and even make it possible to catch criminals before they can dispose of stolen items.  Recently, a number of stolen mobile devices have been successfully located and recovered by police in Hertfordshire.  Some also led to the arrest of the thief or handler of stolen goods.
There are a number of suitable tracking apps available for Android, Apple and other devices which are easy to download and usually free.  More information can be found at: www.police.uk/crime-prevention-advice/protecting-your-mobile-phone/.   If your device with an app installed has been lost, you can locate it yourself.  If your device has been stolen, or you have any concerns, it is strongly recommended that you contact the police rather than try to recover it yourself.  You should contact the police as soon as possible, as they may be able to track the device, recover it, and make an arrest.

December 2014
Some vandalism occurred in Hastoe between Saturday 20th and Monday 22nd December 2014.  A fence was cut and damage inflicted on cross country jumps in land belonging to Hastoe House.  This area adjoins the footpath through Grove Wood from The Holloway to Hastoe Lane.  If anyone saw or heard anything unusual in this area, or saw a strange vehicle parked there, please contact the Neighbourhood watch team on 101, or contact your Hastoe Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator on 01442 823626.

November/December 2014
Officers from Berkhamsted and Tring will be holding police surgeries at which members of the public can talk to them about any issues they have, and get crime prevention advice and advice about signing up to OWL (OnlineWatchLink).
The surgeries will take place at Berkhamsted Civic Centre, 161 High Street Berkhamsted HP4 3HB on Thursday 18th December 6pm - 7pm and Thursday 22nd January 2015, 6pm-7pm.  If you cannot attend but would still like to speak to them, please contact them on

November 2014
The police are warning that a number of telephone scams are taking place.  In these, a person telephones you claiming to be a police officer or a bank official and under various excuses asks you for your bank details and/or pin numbers.
Be assured that no police officer or bank official would ever ask you such questions, under any circumstances.   Ring off immediately.  If the person asks you to ring back, do not do so.

November 2014
Some distraction thefts have taken place at Tesco Tring.  In one case a tray of onions was upset, probably deliberately, and while customers were helping to pick them up,  their purses were stolen.  In another case, a female approached a customer in the car park and suggested she had dropped a ten pound note.  While the customer was checking her purse, money and cards were abstracted.  Please be aware and keep your purse in an inside pocket or attached to your bag by a lanyard.