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Pictorial History

Hastoe Pond, which is still in existence

This is the original Mill before it burnt down on November 5th 1964

Hastoe Chapel c.1965, before it was converted to a house by the Goddens

This one is Hastoe Farm after it had ceased to be used but before residential conversion.  Copyright D W Ridgwell.

Traction Engine at Hastoe Cross © D W Ridgwell

Hastoe Hill  from Hastoe Lane

       This is the old Hastoe Black Horse pub and brewery, demolished by the Rothschilds to make room for Hastoe Chapel. You can just see a large chimney between the roofs which may have been a brick kiln operated by the owner 

John Batchelor.

An aerial view of Hastoe Farm before the barns were converted. The remains of the mill can be seen after the fire destroyed it.

Hastoe Farm still at work in the 1980s. Copyright D W Ridgwell.